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Frequently Asked Questions

Work Based Distance Learning - how are you supported?

As this is a Work Based Distance Learning programme, tutors are engaged to support you through the various modules. You will be allocated a tutor for each of your modules and you will be part of a cohort of students. It’s the tutor’s job to support and guide you in completing each module successfully.

Largely you will be working through each module at your own pace, on your own (or in groups you may choose to set up informally) using the module guides and other associated documents. These are put onto the Blackboard module sites for you by the module leaders. Blackboard is the name for the virtual learning environment (VLE) which the University of Lincoln uses to support students.

There is a Blackboard site specific to each module - it will include your Study Guide, Module Guide and Harvard Referencing Guide (2012) as well as other resources. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you know what the programme requirements are and when your assignments are due.

What can you expect from your tutor? 

You tutor will send you a welcoming e-mail with some ‘Getting started’ information and setting expectations.

You are free to ask any questions you need to about the modules and your progression through them. Distance learning students who make early and regular contact with their tutor and submit drafts of their assignments in a timely fashion tend to do better in the modules and have a better learner experience.

How can you contact your tutor? 

In the first instance this will be via e-mail. Most tutors are also happy to talk with you via telephone, through Skype and other technologies by prior arrangement. Furthermore, some of our tutors will meet students in person at the University. Above all, our tutors are flexible, approachable and very interested in supporting you to succeed.

What help can you expect?

Remember that you have been successful in your chosen careers and no doubt have encountered and successfully managed many daunting and challenging situations. Your main challenges with Work Based Distance Learning will be time management, balancing study, work and life commitments and responsibilities, along with the challenge of re-engaging with academia. By keeping in regular contact with your tutor, you can flag up any issues you are facing at an early stage. Should your circumstances change for any reason e.g. family changes/disruptions, illness, additional work commitments or postings, or even if you begin to feel overwhelmed, your tutor is there to help you.