Meet our Students

Students on our Work Based Distance Learning programmes come from a variety of backgrounds, industries and locations. Find out what they thought of their studies below.

Graduate Profile: Susie Stephenson

Executive Assistant

Graduated in 2013, BA (Hons) Business Management.

With over 20 years' experience managing high-level administrative projects supporting CEOs and Entrepreneurs in start-up mode, Susie studied towards a Business Management degree following the completion of her Advanced Diploma in Business Management.

On choosing Lincoln:
"I was searching for a degree I could do combined with work that was specifically Business Management, which led me to the University of Lincoln Work Based Distance Learning degree programmes. Business Management is a wide area and some degrees are more finance based, so Lincoln’s modules suited exactly what I was looking for as I was able to apply it to the work environment I was in at the time."

Learning and support:
"My tutors on the WBDL programme were able to link theory and practice by giving examples from their own professional experience in understanding the business tools and techniques to apply to certain aspects in the business environment. This helped me look at different ways when solving problems and the different approaches available. The tutors were very accessible; you could email them and book in time on a 1-1 basis. I didn’t need all of the time that I could have with them."

Balancing workloads:
"The course is hard work in that you have to be motivated when distance learning and managing your time effectively to complete the assignments on time - but very rewarding at the end of it when you finally get to graduation day."

Post completion:
"You get a thirst for knowledge and start to analyse things a lot more, thinking about how you would approach things if you hadn’t done this degree. It’s definitely raised my profile. I’m really pleased. Lincoln was perfect, I did the right degree."

Case Study: Stuart Parker

Quality Manager, Wyman-Gordon Ltd

Commenced BSc (Hons) Engineering Management, February 2013.

After completing an apprenticeship programme, Stuart wanted to achieve a degree whilst continuing in his role. Unable to take time away from his job, the Work Based Distance Learning (WBDL) programmes at Lincoln provided the perfect option of obtaining a degree without compromising his career.

Why choose WBDL programmes at Lincoln:
"I had always wanted to do an Engineering Management degree. I thought it would be a day release and I wasn’t sure how my company would take that. I found the Work Based Programme and did some research into it. I went back to the HR Director and they said it fits in perfectly as I didn't have to be away from the office for a day. It ticked every box."

On applying his studies to his role:
"Due to the nature of the company we do have many management challenges, which I can fit into my studies. Being a Quality Manager, I am responsible for the reporting and minimisation of any non-conformities. When we manufacture we work to a fixed process and to rigid tolerance levels, even the slightest of non-conformities is referred to the customer for sign-off. However, this is an inconvenience for the customer, so my project was to research in depth the reasons why we might have these issues and to action effective remedies. It also enabled me to pick up on the culture of the organisation and how it fed into it. It was a project I had to do in my role anyway, so it just went hand-in-hand. Everything I used in my studies went towards what I was doing within my role."

Why choose to study a degree:
"The degree gives me personal confidence. Lots of people in my company have degrees, masters or doctorates. I have never let not having a degree hold me back. I’ve always tried to prove myself and progress forward, but you do feel people who have degrees don’t value you as much. For me I want it to prove to people I can do a degree programme. I think I’m doing it the harder way. When you study on your own it’s not as easy as going to university full time. By studying distance learning it proves I’m committed and capable."

On the programme delivery:
"The videos are great. It's almost as good as being sat in a lecture room. I found they gave me a lot of direction on how to study and how the university works. It’s easy to watch and before you know it you've learned quite a lot without even realising. A video is better than being there. You can pause it, have a think, and make some notes. I found it so useful."

Advice to students:

  • "It’s not as daunting as you think. The first module prepares you for what you need to do
  • As you apply your role to your studies, you already know your subject matter inside out
  • Plan your studies so you know what you need to commit to
  • Each unit topic is open so it fits in with your workplace. Tailor each module to what you want it to be. It’s a big plus."

What our students say about the programmes

"Four hours at work and four hours at home, gives me 40 hours per week for my studies. I know this would not be possible every week but I will manage to finish my degree and step up my productivity at work. The big deal for me is to implement what I've learned from my studies into the workplace.  

The fact that I see my studies as part of my work description, helps to make a big difference. I find it pleasant to open my books and search for better ways to manage my company. These studies are no burden for me!"
Kalla van den Heever, Work Based Distance Learning Student 2012

"I just wanted to send a note to you as representatives of the University of Lincoln to say a big thank you for all your help over the last three years and for the awesome graduation ceremony. It was worth completing the course just to experience the ceremony, held in what must be the most awe inspiring British monument and the most perfect venue for what must be one of the most memorable and special days of my life. What an absolutely awesome day!!...Fantastic!!

I will be only too happy to let my children attend Lincoln in future years should they chose that path. I wish you and all at Lincoln the best and most prosperous future possible."
Kevin Edge, Work Based Distance Learning Graduate 2012

"I am very excited about the prospect of going back to academic education. The course sounds perfect for my requirements and will compliment my current and future roles within my career. Thank you very much for your encouragement and clarity on course details today."
Matt Moore, Work Based Distance Learning Applicant 2012

"I have had a fantastic experience through my study with the University of Lincoln. All the support that I received from Gary, Mike and Kevin has resulted in the BSc Engineering Management degree. The company I work for have asked me to join their new project in China, preparations are being made for the project team and thanks to my study with Lincoln this has become possible for me."
Joep Houtenbos, Work Based Distance Learning Graduate 2011

"I have only just got over receiving my results last week. I have to say I came into work but did not really get a lot done, reading the results and attaining a first was an unbelievable feeling. I am disappointed that I will not get to meet you at the graduation and say hi, shake your hand and say thank you in person for all your support and feedback over the two years, particularly during my dissertation. Also the support offered by Kevin and Gary was always constructive, but challenging, which I believe contributed significantly towards my success in this degree."
Sarah Richardson, Work Based Distance Learning Graduate 2011

"I feel the need to once again to praise the course. I have received my results today, and what a result! Absolutely chuffed to bits."
Mark Humber, Work Based Distance Learning Graduate 2011

"My thanks to you and the rest of the team for getting me through the degree and for the generous support I have received. There have been some shaky times but without the flexibility of you all I would never have made it."
Mick Clabby, Work Based Distance Learning Graduate 2010

"Through the wonders of Google I found the programme specification and reviewed it yesterday. I particularly liked the following statement from the teaching strategy "The Engineering Management Degree programme takes, as its starting point, a belief that effective management goes beyond the application of learnt theories, recipes and easy to remember mnemonics.

I'm so pleased to have found a programme that appreciates that there is so much more to learning than be able to repeat something verbatim!"
Work Based Distance Learning applicant 2012

"I personally I like the structure of the course and furthermore, the fact that I am able to choose either to stay and work in Australia or to still pursue work opportunities in the UK."
Work Based Distance Learning applicant 2012